What are the conventions for citing sources in academic writing

First reference to work full reference: Other conventions in referencing 1 While the examples above highlight the main ways of referencing, issues such as the number of authors or repeated references to the same author complicate the conventions of referencing.

Across discourse communities, what is considered factual may fluctuate across each community. Think of your writing this way: For example, exclamation points are rarely used to express a heightened tone because it can come across as unsophisticated or over-excited.

West Side Story is an example of intertextuality in that it is the modern retelling of Shakespeare's tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

For example, the way a claim is made in a high school paper would look very different from the way a claim is made in a college composition class.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Academic Writing Style

Currently in the process of being published: In general, there are four grammatical uses of semi-colons: These are examples of intertextuality because they pull from past Disney works and use them to create something new and original. Ulysses uses the plot line from The Odyssey and retells it with a new character in a new setting, thus using past writings to create a new, original one.

However, most college-level research papers require careful attention to the following stylistic elements: If the quote is especially vague or hard to understand, consider paraphrasing it or using a different quote to convey the same meaning.

To do that, you need to follow the appropriate citation style, down to the nitty gritty details of where to put commas and periods, and you should probably have some idea why the different styles exist.

For this reason the academic writer must follow the constraints see article section below set by the discourse community so his or her ideas earn approval and respect.

Some of these are explained below. Being concise in your writing also includes avoiding vague references to persons, places, or things. APA style, which is set by the American Psychological Association, is the one most commonly used in the Social Sciences, although some disciplines, like Sociology and Business, also have their own specialized versions.

In fact, some description or background information may be needed because you can not assume the reader knows everything about the topic. The scholarly convention of citing sources is also important because it allows the reader to identify the materials [print or online] you used so they can independently verify your findings and conclusions.

These can be found by either searching in the USC Libraries catalog by entering the disciplinary and the word dictionary [e. You may see variations on how the information in brackets is presented.

Therefore, we create an opportunity for people to base their opinion on the actual meaning of the text and enable them to continue creating the non-existent, with a sense of understanding.

GUIDE – Rhetoric of academic writing conventions

A quote from Kenneth Burke encapsulates this metaphor: Harvard University Press, Tony Romeo and Maria Juliet are both in love. West, Candace, and Don H. It is an imperfect conventional form of code created by few people whom we do not know and it is surrounded by non-existent concepts.

GUIDE – Rhetoric of academic writing conventions

The Language The investigation of research problems in the social sciences is often complex and multi- dimensional.

Your language should be concise, formal, and express precisely what you want it to mean. Higher-order thinking skills include cognitive processes that are used to comprehend, solve problems, and express concepts or that describe abstract ideas that cannot be easily acted out, pointed to, or shown with images.

Academic Conventions Citing sources in the body of your paper and providing a list of references as either footnotes or endnotes is a very important aspect of academic writing. It is essential to always acknowledge the source of any ideas, research findings, data, or quoted text that you have used in your paper as a defense against allegations of plagiarism.

These sources would be included in your Bibliography along with the sources you cited. Works Cited or References: In MLA, writers include a Works Cited page; in APA, writers include a References page. Citing Sources and Academic Integrity Citing Sources in Academic Work As a member of an academic community, it is important to credit the sources you use in your research writing.

Citation conventions vary across disciplines, and it is important to become familiar. It discusses why learning to cite sources is an essential part of your education, as well as why failing to cite your sources properly can have serious consequences.

This document covers a wide range of scenarios relating to citing sources, plagiarism, and Dartmouth’s Academic Honor Principle.

Academic writing

The Conventions of Academic Writing Shirley A. Boyd Everest Online ENC Composition II - 84 Research writing in each discipline follows certain convention – that is, special forms required to citing sources and designing pages.

Understand conventions for citing information.

Different academic disciplines and journals have unique formatting guidelines for citing sources and formatting research reports. Remarkably, there are hundreds of different formatting guidelines for referencing sources.

This section briefly summarizes.

What are the conventions for citing sources in academic writing
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