Provenance aware storage system thesis

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They even have litter that purports to be scoopable. Provenance-Aware Storage Systems Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy, David A. Holland, Uri Braun, Margo I.

N2090: Clarifying Pointer Provenance (Draft Defect Report or Proposal for C2x)

Seltzer Harvard University [email protected] Abstract A Provenance-Aware Storage System (PASS) is a storage system that automatically collects and maintains prove-nance or lineage, the complete history or ancestry of an item. Use Case (Health Care Management Application) Figure 3 illustrates the vision of provenance-aware applications through a con-crete example of Cancer information Management System (CIMS).

Select bibliography on petroleum geology of southern England. The operating system should be responsible for the collection of provenance and the storage system should be responsible for its management.

We define a new class of storage system, called a provenance-aware storage system (PASS), that supports the automatic collection and maintenance of provenance.

The Computing Research Association invites nominations for the CRA Distinguished Service Award and A. Nico Habermann Award. The CRA Distinguished Service Award is presented to a person or multiple people who have made an outstanding service contribution to the computing research community.

Provenance-Aware Management of a pivotal feature of Linked Data Management Systems. In this thesis, we tackle issues revolving around processing queries on big, unstructured, and heterogeneous Linked Data graphs.

In the first part of this work, we introduce a new hybrid storage model for Linked Data based on recurring graph .

Provenance aware storage system thesis
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