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Now, I could move to the Hercules school district, and he could play there. These students are student athletes. Timo, you was in the whole time, you never even touched the rock. There goes our two leading scorers from last season, man.

Now, I have more good news. That's what I'm talking about, coach. I'm supposed to be scared of you.

4 powerful leadership lessons from Coach Carter

Jackson was once a star player on the Richmond High School basketball team in Richmond, CA, and years later, after establishing himself in publishing and marketing, he returns to the school and to the team as the new basketball coach.

That was a jump ball, damn it. That's ten suicides for the whole team, push-ups for you. On the surface, "Coach Carter" — currently the 1 film in the country — looks to be a typical sports film, a tale of a coach inspiring his team to win the big game, make the state championship and show the privileged school from the other side of town how to win with heart.

Put your hand on the line. And what is your name, sir. Gentlemen, this is a new player, Damien Carter. Just because I'm coaching at Richmond, it doesn't change our plans for your future, all right.

Coach, we won the tournament. I'd like to thank you for your patience. I will lay your ass out. I can't get them to show up for school, for practice. Give me a lay-up line. We provide charter bus services for almost any conceivable occasion, including: Like I was saying, you know, I'm Junior Battle.

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The kid ain't even here yet and I'm worried about how I'm gonna feed it, how I'm gonna pay for this and that. He in the car. You ain't even been to the doctor yet. I can't get parents involved, and I'm done chasing kids in the streets and pulling them into the gym. Gesek is a big basketball fan.

It was the same thing then; some of my teammates went to prison, some of them even ended up dead. We been tripping lately, man. Hey, yo, what's up. I wish you would. At US Coachways, we've been innovators in the charter bus rental ground industry sincededicating our efforts to provide effective and efficient group travel solutions anywhere in the United States.

These players realize that just basketball is not the way to a successful life. I remember once she tricked me into stealing brownies from Christ the King First Baptist Church bake sale.

However, "Coach Carter" is about more than that. We're getting in there. Yes, ma'am, I remember you. And then I ran all those sprints. I was dying in the bleachers. Carter, I got a phone call today from a coach at a junior college in Sacramento.

We ain't got to be ready enough for nothing, all right?. Coach Carter is based on a true story in which Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Ken Carter.

He is offered a job to coach the basketball team at his former high school, Richmond High, where he was one of the best athletes to ever attend a.

The story of Ken Carter, who returns to coach basketball at his former school, is based on true events. Rather than simply improving the team’s results, Carter truly believes he can improve his students’ lives. Jan 14,  · Watch video · InKen Carter accepts the job of basketball coach for his old high school in a poor area of Richmond, CA.

As much dismayed by the poor attitudes of his players as well as their dismal play performance, Carter sets about to change both/10(K). Coach Carter Way The American Educational institution is stereotypical in a sense that’s it’s built around the American Dream concept.

The American educational institution set that platform for the future. Students go to grammar school, junior high, and high school in aspiration to go on to higher education.

Coach Carter made a commitment to help his players realize that education is the way out of a cycle of poverty and crime.

Coach Carter Essay - Part 2

Not only does this PBA of keeping promises to yourself make Coach Carter more of hero, but this promise affects the players’ lives and decisions they make. In this county, thirty three percent of black males between eighteen and twenty four get arrested.

So look at the guy on your left, now look at the guy on your right. One of you is going to get arrested.” (Coach Ken Carter, Coach Carter Film, ) In this Film Coach Ken Carter emphasizes on the dire need for academia.

Coach carter way
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